Department of Mining Engineering


The Mining & Mine surveying Department aspires to be a premier national Diploma Mining Engineering Education Center  in the diverse fields of mining &mineral industry, recognized by all stakeholders &contribute to producing a Diploma mining Engineer well versed with technical, managerial knowledge & skills for sustainable mining


  1. To improve and maintain quality diploma program, that is well supported by an up-to-date curriculum, laboratories and qualified staff
  2. To develop Multidisciplinary approach, leadership and team skills through creative teaching & learning process.
  3. To produce high quality, rigorously trained Diploma mining  engineers  for meeting the needs of Mining and Mineral Industry, higher studies and competency exams
  4. To inculcate the spirit of Sustainable Development and Conservation of natural resources with due regard to Societal, Health, Safety and Environment

* I/C Head of the Department

  • E. H. Reddy

* Lecturers

  • Vijay Kumar

* Lab Assistant

  • Gauresh Deulkar

* Duration of Diploma Programme

  • 3 years (Students have to undergo practical training in the mines for six months as part of their curriculum during the fifth or sixth term)

* Laboratories

  • Environmental
  • Mineral Beneficiation
  • General Mining
  • Mining machinery
  • Geology

* Job Opportunities

  • Mining Sector
  • Explosive Firm
  • Mining Machinery companies
  • Land Surveying
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Harbours and Ports

* Alumni Association

Polytechnic Mining Alumni Association of Goa (PolyMAAG).This is an association of students who have passed Diploma in Mining Engineering. This association provides guidance for Managers Certificate Examination, organizes seminars and conducts industrial visits to enhance the technical competency of regular as well as pass outs.