* Rector

  • Mr. Balkrishna Chodankar

The institute has spacious and fully furnished hostel to accommodate 60 students. Three students are placed in each room. Cots and study tables are provided. Mattresses shall be brought by the hostelite. There are inbuilt wardrobes to keep personal belongings. Facility for operating a student mess is also available. The hostelites are governed by the government rules and regulations available with the rector of the hostel. Fees A nominal deposit of Rs. 400/- (refundable) is charged before allocation of hostel accommodation and thereafter a fee of Rs. 400/- per term is charged. Process of Admission Admission form is available with Hostel Clerk. Preference is given to economically backward and students coming from far off places. Guest room is also provided in the hostel for government officers/ students of other institute, examiners, parents, experts, industry person etc. on rental basis.