Stores & Purchase

* Officer Incharge

  • Mr Ankush Gaonker

* L.D.C.

  • Mr. Rohidas Paste

* Store Keeper

  • Mr. Amey Raut

* Hamal

  • Mr. Soma G.Gawas

This section looks after the procurement of various types of machinery, equipment and consumables required for the day to day use of the Institute by inviting quotations and tenders under the procedure laid down in General Financial Rules. The various types of purchases which are to be made under the G.F.R. Rules are: Petty Purchases: When the cost of article/material is below Rs. 1000/- Purchases under Limited Quotations: When the cost of article/material is below Rs. 2,00,000/- Purchases under Open Tender: When the cost of article/material is above Rs. 2,00,000/- Purchases through Director of General Supplies and Disposal: When the purchases are controlled by the D.G.S&D and are done directly from any of the authorized dealers whose name is registered under D.G.S&D. Proprietary Purchases: When only a single supplier is dealing with the items. Global Tender: When the equipments/items are to be procured from outside the country by inviting global tenders.

* Purchase Procedure

After following the above procedure the tenders/quotations are compared with respect to its technical suitability and cost. The lowest tender/quotation is accepted and order is placed with the supplier. The equipment/material is received in the stores section, inspected by the Technical Officer and if it satisfies the entire requirement it is certified and entered in the respective register in the Stores. The equipment/material is then issued to the required Department/Section after obtaining proper indent. The bills of the party are then certified for effecting payment. On receipt of the material at the section, the details should be entered in the appropriate register (machine, equipment in the dead stack register, consumables in the consumable register) The requirement of purchase is identified by the respective departments and sections. The purchase indent consists of detailed specification, quantity; approximate price along with the list of the supplies is submitted to store section after approval from the Principal. The items regularly required by the Institute is identified and processed by the store section itself.